Welcome to TRACE's Third Party Management System (TPMS)

­TRACE's Third Party Management System is a streamlined, user‐friendly online tool for managing broad‐scale due diligence on an unlimited number of third party intermediaries. The platform features a comprehensive administrative dashboard for due diligence customers to place and review orders, as well as access the status of all their reports in real‐time.

A key feature of the TPMS is the Intermediary Directory, a searchable database of pre‐vetted third parties for hire. This Intermediary Directory streamlines the process for identifying and contacting potential new business partners, saving you the time and expense of a lengthy review process.

A short webinar is available here that demonstrates some features of the TPMS. Our FAQ page is also available here. If you have additional questions about the TPMS, please contact TRACE.

To learn more about TRACE, visit our website at www.TRACEinternational.org.

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