TRACEpublic Ownership Register

About TRACEpublic:

TRACEpublic is the world’s only global beneficial ownership register. Developed by TRACE International to encourage greater corporate transparency, TRACEpublic supports the efforts of companies seeking to conduct business ethically and to complete meaningful due diligence. The database contains beneficial ownership information on thousands of companies in more than 100 countries.

How to Use the Database:

TRACEpublic allows you to share and search beneficial ownership information. To share your information, please login or create an account. To search the database, enter the name of a company or one owner in the search box to discover beneficial ownership information. You cannot view or download the entire directory; you must enter the full name or part name of a company or one owner to view results.

Click here to view the FAQ page, or contact if you have any additional questions.