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Welcome to the TRAC Register, a publicly searchable online platform that enables the rapid exchange of baseline due-diligence information. Companies, partnerships, charities, and individuals listed in the TRAC Register have been granted a unique, 12-digit TRACE Registered Access Code (“TRAC”) within the last year. TRAC is a global identification system designed to quickly and cost-effectively establish a TRAC holder’s identity, address, and information, and to allow the holder to share information with customers and to allow companies to have real-time visibility into their supply chains. All entities have provided their consent to appear in the public list. Users may request and obtain access to a TRAC number and limited profile information at no cost, but must receive permission from the TRAC holder to view their full TRAC profile and associated documents.

The TRAC Register is searchable by the criteria below. Clicking on Requested TRACs allows users to review the status of any TRAC profile access requests they have made.

*Please note: Users must create a complimentary TPMS account to view or request to view TRAC profiles. To login or create a TPMS account, click here.

Additional search and messaging features are available exclusively to TRACE Members in the TRACE Third Party Management System (TPMS). To login or request a complimentary TPMS account, click here.


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